Services & Products

social design & innovation

We have been working with our client partners for over 15 years to help them understand the people that use their services, spot opportunities and design new products and services.

We bring a diverse network with unique expertise, emotional intelligence, playfulness and a passion for using design to creatively solve complex social and environmental challenges. 

Our design & social innovation services include:

User research 

Ethnographic research

The Co-Design Tool

Co-creation Lab


Collaborative design

User engagement



Films and animations


Service design


Digital design and build

Communication design


Business modelling

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the co-design tool

A digital tool capturing the emotions and experiences of people using your services

It’s the small details that effect big changes and identifying them can be tough. The Co-Design Tool helps listen to patients, carers and healthcare professionals to help better understand how they feel about the services you provide. This produces emotive data and ideas that lead to co-designing improved healthcare experiences.

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