promoting active lifestyles in Shropshire

This week we are running a project with Shropshire Council. We are engaging with local communities to better understand the opportunities for increasing public participation in active living. More active lifestyles mean a healthier society, and we’re excited to be bringing the voices, experiences and ideas of local people into the Council's development of future healthy living services. This week, some of the thinkpublic team have been living and working in the Shropshire town of Oswestry. We have named the project 'Active Oswestry' and have been creating a bit of a presence in the area by traveling around the town on some thinkpublic bikes, meeting and speaking with local people and community groups. Our research will not only feed into the Council's bigger programme for healthy living in Shropshire, but also help to see a shift in the Council towards more inclusive and participatory community engagement. This coming Saturday our engagement project will cumulate into a fun community event on the high street of Oswestry. We’ll be hosting free and fun activity sessions such as hoola hooping and yoga sessions. 

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