About us

We believe in a collaborative approach to designing services within healthcare

  • With over 13 years of experience co-designing award winning services and products with public sectors, NGOs, startups and businesses across the globe

  • Bringing a diverse network of service designers, business strategists, ethnographers and healthcare professionals that allows us to build teams around project needs

  • Insights from a wide range of areas including ageing; mental health; chronic conditions; patient experience and behaviour change

We seek to work with forward thinking partners, who put people at the heart of what they do. Why not get in contact for a cup of tea and a chat hello@thinkpublic.com


Deborah Szebeko got the inspiration to start thinkpublic in 2003 after volunteering at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, where she experienced first-hand the impact design can have on changing lives.

Over the years thinkpublic have won a range of awards including The Design Week’s Service Design of the year. 

Some of our client partners