About us

Our mission is to creatively solve complex social and environmental challenges through design.

thinkpublic was the first social design agency, established in 2004. We’re a passionate, creative team of entrepreneurial designers, researchers, strategists and marketeers with a blend of third, public and private sector experience.

We bring together our experience of service design, social innovation, user engagement and co-production, with extensive knowledge of business and marketing, to build and launch social ventures and services.

We seek to work with forward thinking partners, who put people at the heart of what they do. Why not get in contact for a cup of tea and a chat hello@thinkpublic.com


Our history

Deborah Szebeko got the inspiration to start thinkpublic after volunteering at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, where she experienced first-hand the impact design can have on changing lives.

Over the years thinkpublic have won a range of awards including The Design Week’s Service Design of the year. With experience of designing and launching social ventures/ services for global health-tech and pharma businesses, charities and the public sector.


Some of our client partners